“A wonderful sound experience. The narrative expands your sense of time, breaking down the scenes of a photo and showing you a whole different world. You have the opportunity to admire the details and project yourself into another world. While everyone else is doing their blah blah, you are not even aware of being at a vernissage.”

Secret Sound Stories is a one-to-one intimate and personal guided path in which social and existential themes are presented as audio tales written by hidden actors, using wireless headphones. These stories are directly related to different exhibited art works such as photos, painting, historic buildings or pure darkness: through the presentation of a series of photographs or specific objects we give life to unique personalized tales that unveil to us details of realities which are often forgotten or excluded in our society.

The listeners are guided through their secrets creating a personal visual sound map; a intimate, parallel secret world of which other visitors are unaware.

“I fell in love... I could hear the sweet voice of a woman who I imagined to be beautiful. She told me about the story of an elm, I think. I don’t remember exactly because I was captivated by her voice. I felt as though I wanted to hug her but I held back from looking for her. It will remain a hidden love, pure and simple!”

“Wonderful, something magical, a world of its own. You enter it and it seems as though everything around you disappears, you are there, you walk through the people not acknowledging their presence and you listen, you listen to a voice, a sigh, a story. You get involved, you are touched and once the experience is finished, once you take the headphones off it’s hard to enter the real world once more.”

The project is performed by Swiss theatre company V XX ZWEETZ
Sustained by ProHelvetia