Utovie Festival, Macerata (I) 2017

There are events that possess such an energy that for the human being and his short life experience are impossible to comprehend. An earthquake arrives unexpectedly and in an instant underground every living thing; A car overwhelms in a passing glance that goes to visit the Big Ben; A letter in the mail reveals another version of his father who disappeared 30 years ago; The train you take each week to cross the deragged country; From day to day mom finds herself homeless and homeless; The brother sells his sister to the black market where he works in the fields of fruit and prostitutes at night; You find yourself pregnant but they told you that it would never happen.

UTOVIE are utopias and cities. A labyrinthine festival, at its first edition, which hypothesizes and dreams of an ideal city, a maze and a crossroads of artistic experiences that become everlasting. A four day construction site devoted to contemporary theater and some of the best national and international companies on the independent scene. A living and multiformed container made of shows, readings, concerts, installations, performing arts, conferences: a seamless holiday from morning to night bases.

Director Alan Alpenfelt
Actors and stories by: Adalgisa Vavassori, Nello Provenzano, Gabriele Ciavarra and Adele Raes.